Steelhead Fishing, Salmon Fishing, Trout Fishing, & Bass Fishing Techniques For The Pacific Northwest.


Updated 7/12/13



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Merwin- Kokanee fishing has been good but they are deep! Bring out the downriggers and find the depth, and you will find the fish. Troll flashers between 1.2 and 2.0 miles per hour with wedding ring, and tip the hook with some white shoepeg corn. Dont forget about muskie, they are here and they are hungry! Easier to catch then you think.

Yale- Now is a great time to be a Yale, you’ll find that Kokanee are aggressive. Get out and troll the lake, especially in early morning, and late evening during hot summer days. During peak heat hours, drop your presentations deeper.

Horseshoe Lake- Fair to good for trout fishing. Pink powerbait “Power-eggs” work great when suspended off of the bottom. Keep an eye out for a few other species such as catfish, carp, and bass. If you can get out in a raft, go check out some parts of the lake that aren’t as heavily fished.

Battle Ground: Has been getting a few small stocks of rainbow trout. Early-mid afternoon seems to be the best time to get biters. Trout will be holding close to the bottom. Bass fisherman that know what to look for will find some good-size largemouth here as well, though you will need a raft to access good structure effectively.

Lacamas: Bass fishing hasn’t been easy but those that are getting them, are getting them mostly during evening hours. Try night-fishing this lake with loud top-water poppers, or large spinner-baits. Trout will be around too for those that’d like to troll for them.

Vancouver: It’s a mixed bag here, but those that have rafts and are able to get out a bit are going to do best. You can find bass in some of the more wooded banks. Earthworms are a good bait to fish if you want a chance at multi-species.

Klineline: If you want to be successful here, it’s best to go early before all the swimmers show up. If you can keep your bait right above the bottom and out of any weeds some GIANT trout can be found.

Silver: One of the best bass lakes in the area, but Crappie are also available! You need very light tackle and small “crappie jigs.” You should see surface activity if you scout around a bit for these fish.

Kress: Trout fishing has been decent, with a nice evening bite happening. Take a look around for some Largemouth while you are out there, although they may not be super-aggressive because the water is so warm now, early mornings are the time to go.



Canyon Creek: There are trout in the stream but it could be pretty low and clear. Use light fluorocarbon leader to stay as stealthy as possible. Super small spinners or very small flies have been catching fish in the riffles.

Lewis N Fork: Its that time of year, lets all line up at the cork line shoulder to shoulder and catch hatchery fish. Black & Red jigs have been working the best. Don’t be afraid to leave the hatchery up or down river, summer steelhead are throughout the system.

E Fork: Very low return so far for Summer Steelhead. There have been a few holding around Daybreak park, but they are few and far between. Swimmers will be difficult to navigate around, but if you see fish, cast very small jigs or spinners, or drift very small baits with light leader.

Kalama: Kalama is putting out some Steelhead and will continue during July. Anglers have been doing well with float & jig and drifting small eggs. Head to the canyon for the best results.

Cowlitz: The Cowlitz is experiencing a slower return but make no mistake, it’s still the best river in SW WA to find a solid run of bright summers. Side-drifting eggs or yarn from a drift-boat is the best way to target these fast moving fish. Plunking in the lower sections will produce if you find the right slot.

Washougal: Steelhead are in the river but you must fish with a lot of stealth due to the low water conditions, and swimmers. Best time to be on this river is near first light, before it warms up and Steelhead are more likely to be aggressive. Recommended baits are float & jig setups, or blue fox spinners in size #3.

Toutle River- Summer Steelhead fishing is starting and getting better throughout the month. In lower conditions, down-size everything! This river can get very clear so whether you use bait, spinners, artificials…take it down in size and use light leader. Lower in the river is the best bet for early summers but they will spread out quickly.

Columbia: Columbia anglers will be finding Summer Steelhead migrating upriver, as well as Summer Chinook! Up above Bonneville, the bass and walleye fishing is getting better and will continue to be good throughout the summer.

White Salmon: Fishing has been slow. Some nice trout have been getting caught by fly fishermen throwing wooly buggers around the river. Please check your WDFW regulations.

Wind: Springer fishing is all but finished but some fish are still around to be had. Bobber and eggs is the way to go. Some native Steelhead will be migrating upriver as well please check your local regulations.

Willamette: There are a few remaining Chinook being caught, but rarely. Now is a great time to seek out Willamette Smallmouth bass! Also, Walleye anglers are fishing in the Channel with some success jigging around pilings and rock piles.

Sandy: Watch out for snow run-off dirtying the water on hot days. Steelhead and Salmon are in the river, and although it isn’t a banner year for the Sandy, a lot of people will still do very well here. Plunking for Steelhead lower in the river should work as the run continues to build, and there are still Chinook throughout the upper river.

Clackamas: Putting out fish throughout the river. Anglers can find Chinook still, but Summer Steelhead is the target for July. Plugs, bait & divers, and spinners are a great method from a drift-boat. Fishing from the bank try bobber and jigs, they have been deadly lately.



Updated 7/12/13



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