3 Tips for Low-Clear Water Fishing

3 tips for Low-Clear Water Steelhead Fishing

By on January 2, 2015

Steelhead & Salmon fishing is a constant adaptation of tactics. In this tutorial, we are going to talk about three ways that you can step up your float fishing game in low & clear water. Many tactics such as drift fishing and plug pulling are not ideal in light, low clear situations. As bank steelhead fishermen, we have found that light presentations of bobber & jig are deadly.

The first change you must make is to your leader. A floating braid mainline is still fine under most conditions but it is essential to have light leader. Fish can see pretty well in clear conditions so rather than discourage bites, lighten up on leader.

Second is float type. Don’t be afraid to downsize to the lowest possible bobber size. It will be a more “subtle” entrance to the water column and not scare fish or alert them to your presence.

Jig color is another tactic that will help gain success in low-clear water. Red, cerise, black, peach…those are just some examples of great jig colors to use in low water.

Salmon & Steelhead are not the easiest target when they are spooked. Subtle, light and stealthy tactics will be the winner when the water gets low and clear. Take these tips and go get a fish! Good luck and stay addicted!

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