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What is Fishing Addicts Northwest?

addictedFishing Addicts Northwest is your online resource for all things fishing. We deliver videos, articles, social media content and it’s all designed to get people excited to get out and go fishing!

Sport-fishing is good for people’s well-being. It encourages the healthy pursuit of outdoor passion. It builds a strong economy and a conservation-minded public. Because of this our passion is to share our knowledge about fishing and promote the sport-fishing community.

We could basically be described as online magazine. Videos, articles & social media content are offered on a consistent basis to keep you up to date on the latest in fishing news. This is our passion and we have built FANW while working full-time.

Our goal is Educate, Entertain and Inspire! We do this through our content channels:Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, & More!

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Marlin LeFever – Owner & Marketing Director

big winter steelhead

Marlin admiring the fish of a lifetime!

Marlin started Fishing Addicts Northwest in 2007. He started it out of a passion for fishing and the outdoors and wanted to share his experiences and tips for catching more fish. Towards the end of 2013 Marlin’s passion and hobby quickly grew into a business with the help of best friend Lucas Holmgren.

Marlin grew up bass fishing all over the Northwest, he discovered the world of Salmon & Steelhead and quickly became addicted! Marlin enjoys fishing for anything that swims but steelhead is his true passion. The word “ADDICTED” is an understatement. Marlin quite often finds himself fishing every day of the winter steelhead season in search of BIG FISH!

A true advocate for the sport Marlin does everything he can to educate and protect wild steelhead, and also enjoys bonking and eating hatchery fish!
Future plans for Marlin is to continue to build the Fishing Addicts brand until its a household name. Marlin goal is to have every fishermen in the pacific northwest Educate, Entertain, and be Inspired by the things that addicts are doing. Marlin is also happy to be in love with his future wife Sharon and her 8 yr. old little girl Hailey.


“If you see me on the river please come say hi and ask any questions you may have. I love meeting, teaching and passing my passion on to anglers of all skill levels!” – Marlin LeFever


Cameron Black – Professional Guide 

chrome winter steelhead

Cameron admiring this beautiful steelhead.

Cameron Black has been a professional fishing guide in the northwest for almost 10 years. Before that Cameron spent his days learning every stream, creek, river, lake, jetty, & any other body of water you can think of through his passion and addiction to fishing!

Cameron came on board with the addicts in the early parts of 2014 and since then, has become a major part of the content & business strategy of the entity. Cameron has experience in sales and marketing in multiple business including with world renowned gun manufacturer Remington. Cameron and Marlin have become good friends and fishing partners devising plans, to make FANW a household name across the US.

Cameron owns and operates Gone Catchin’ Guide Service out of Woodland, WA. He guides the main stem Columbia River from Buoy 10 to the mouth of the Wind River. Cameron also fishes many of the tributaries feeding the Columbia, but we’re going to leave names out of this 😉 Cameron is happily married with 2 kids and enjoys spending time with his family and winning major volleyball tournaments when he is not fishing the other 300 days out of the year!


“I love to see the smile on a clients face when the rod buries and I am able to net their first fish for them!” – Cameron Black


coho salmon huge big fish

Lucas with a large coho.

 Lucas Holmgren – Content Director

Lucas joined Marlin in 2013 to build Fishing Addicts online presence. He loves fishing for a bit of everything but remains hopelessly addicted to Steelhead. He writes articles, produces videos, does web development and lots of other things to keep Fishing Addicts moving forward.

“Fish and the techniques involved to catch them have long fascinated me. Writing articles, making videos and documenting our fishing experiences is a great experience, which is why I love working on Fishing Addicts.”

“Ultimately, sport anglers are invested in the future of fish – that’s what Fishing Addicts is here for.”

Starting out with trout at an early age, the addiction was quickly formed after the first little creek trout was caught. Ever since then Lucas dreamed of fishing and couldn’t wait til his next trip. Lucas spends every chance he can out on the river amidst a busy schedule of work and making music. Lucas also writes and produces music that appears on many of Fishing Addicts videos.

Look for new articles, videos and music from Lucas.



Lonny Brooks – Co/Founder & Promoter

big winter steelhead

Lonny holding a beautiful steelhead in the snow!

One of the original founders of Fishing Addicts Northwest, Lonny has been here from the start. Lonny started out with the addicts as the Editor for all the Fly Fishing articles, something Lonny was very invested in at the time. Since then Lonny’s addiction to terminal gear fishing has over taken his love for the fly.

Subject of the infamous “Professional Angler Lonny Brooks Removes Hook From His Lip” Lonny Brooks has been addicted since his youth. Lonny fishes and promotes FANW in videos and photos from his fishing experiences. The hook removal video received national TV coverage twice. The CBS show right this minute featured Lonny brooks on their show and were very surprised and a little disgusted to watch him pull the hook out of his lip. Watch their reactions HERE.

Lonny is the main promotion man when it comes to FANW, he fishes every chance he gets and pushes/promotes the name every chance he gets in all corners of the country. Lonny has been known to take multiple days off in a row during winter steelhead season just so he can chase chrome as much as possible! Lonny can be found out on the river chasing big steelhead when he’s not  busy traveling the country as a Union Lineman. Lonny has been pursuing his career as a lineman for a few years now and is well on his way to journeyman.


Rob Mcllroy – Video Production & Promotion 

Rob smirks with excitement holding the biggest fish of his life!

Rob holds an absolute giant!

Rob got involved in Fishing addicts about 3 years into the project. Rob met Marlin through a mutual friend and they started fishing together a bunch. Rob and Marlin become very good friends and Marlin knew he had to bring Rob into the team!

Rob has always enjoyed filming and editing clips since his high school days. Rob started honing his skills with his skateboarding and snowboarding talents. Rob had a passion for both those extreme sports and was making some amazing productions of cool tricks and adventures his buddies had been on. Soon Rob purchased multiple Go Pros and was filming and editing all the time.

Eventually Rob’s passion for skating and snowboarding turned into a full on addiction for fishing! Rob brought his Go Pro along for the ride! Rob films his fishing adventures everywhere he goes and is able to capture amazing footage of fishing trips with himself and also with anyone he is with. Almost every production that FANW has put out since Rob has been involved was edited and produced by him.

Rob is married to his beautiful wife Morgan and enjoys spending all his time with her and their families when he isn’t fishing. Rob is currently working on a career in the pipe fitters union.


“My favorite way to fish is hiking into remote rivers across the entire pacific northwest in pursuit of steelhead with the float. You better believe I always have my camera to document it all!” – Rob Mcilroy


Shaun Keller – Promotion & Content

Shaun Keller Big Summer Steelhead

Shaun Keller holds one of his biggest summer steelhead!

Shaun has had a passion for the Fishing Addicts brand since the day he met Marlin. Shaun and Marlin met years back on a local stream. Marlin knew Shaun through some mutual friends and they quickly became fishing buddies. Through the growth of Marlin’s hobby Shaun saw great opportunity to be involved and help him in any way he could.

Shaun started writing editorials for the website and doing promotion videos.  Shaun brings years of experience and expertise to the FANW team with his many skill sets. Shaun promotes Addicted through any outlet he can and is constantly spreading the brand to the masses.

Currently the only one owning a drift boat, Shaun has become a master on the oars, and isn’t afraid to tackle any set of rapids he approaches. Shaun enjoys all facets of fishing but Steelhead is what he holds true to his hear. Shaun fishes every chance he gets and prefers to tackle water with a Float or a Spoon.

Shaun has a full time job working for BNSF, recently bought his own house and is well on his way to a successful life. Shaun’s other passion and hobby in life is hunting. Shaun pursues every animal that walks! Shaun has taken down numerous Elk, Deer, Coyotes, and even a Moose.

“Fishing to me is my peace, my place I can go and get away from it all, but in the same sentence its my passion, my addiction, and my excitement in life!”


Other contributors of Fishing Addicts NW are below.

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