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Addicted Scents – Proven, Deadly Salmon & Steelhead Scents

By on November 23, 2016

Now Available – Winter Chrome Blend

pro cure addictedFishing scents are an interesting and fascinating factor.  Different blends and types scents achieve success in freshwater & saltwater fisheries.

They are one of the variables of fishing that is difficult to detect in a distant angler. Though you may see the technique, you won’t always see what scent they’re putting on it to entice that “extra” bite.

Certain fisheries demand more scent applications than others, but it’s a known fact that having your scent game dialed in will allow favorable outcomes in many fishing situations. 


Hatchery Steelhead from caught on Pro-Cure Addicted Steelhead Blend

Many scents are a blend of a couple different aromas designed around igniting that beautiful reaction in a salmon or steelhead to open wide and take a chance at your bait. Some scents can be very consistent producers, but the best way to find that out is by running them in your boat and taking measurable notes either mentally or physically. If a fishery isn’t producing lots of fish on a consistent basis, it may be harder to determine what all factors make up success. In a numbers fishery, the patterns begin to show themselves after consistent application. We have found that there are scents that do offer more consistent reactions from fish. 

steelhead fishing washington oregonAddicted Scents are blends designed to target salmon and steelhead species specifically. While we do believe they will work in other fisheries, we did not design them for that purpose. These blends are based on specific, time-tested factors that have increased success for us on a level significant enough, that we felt led to offer them in specialized blends.

Steelhead Blend

The first “Addicted” blend released to anglers was the Steelhead Blend. From the very outset of the summer steelhead season it showed that Addicted Scents were being utilized hugely in a number of successful steelheader anglers and guides arsenals. We received so many successful texts and pictures, it was an exciting start to seeing our fellow anglers finding so much success with it.

Available now online and through dealers, this scent works for steelhead everywhere from the waters of California, Oregon, Washington, Alaska, The Great Lakes and Canada where it’s been tried by large numbers of passionate steelhead anglers. supergel

beautiful chrome hatchery steelhead“It’s my go to steelhead scent everywhere I steelhead, East and West-side fish love it.” TJ Hester, Fishing Guide Eastern Washington.

Winter Chrome Blend

Brand-new now available is the Winter Chrome blend which is a different steelhead scent option. In the Pacific Northwest this may be more broadly applied to fishing for winter fish, and using the Steelhead blend for summer-runs. In Canada – Spring more-so than fall, Great Lakes – Skamania vs. Fall Steelhead.

Salmon Blend

Salmon are notorious for developing really picky tastes when they get into the rivers. Upon pushing into tidewaters and rivers all around the nation, salmon become more selective in their choice of baits. Having a scent edge can be a massive factor in certain salmon fisheries and helps to mask human scent as well. The Addicted Salmon Blend is designed to work very well on multiple presentations, Addicted Blends are offered in both “Oil” and “SuperGel” forms.  

marlin lonny salmon fish

Marlin and Lonny admiring a fresh chinook.

big wa chinook

Oil works effectively with spinners to produce more bites.

“Addicted salmon blend is specifically designed for fish that are on their journey to their spawning watersheds. It’s most effective once the fish have moved away from the tide water and before they reach their spawning areas.”

Cameron Black | Fishing Guide & Addicted scent Co-Founder

This can be perfect for applying to plugs, bait wraps, bait, jigs and spinners. Freshening up your eggs with salmon blend or applying oil to spinners has proven to be deadly out of the boat and off the bank. We noticed high ratios of bites on the salmon blend when fished consistently over our first salmon seasons and our many Addicted users have proven this.

Whether you prefer SuperGel or Oil blend on your presentation, we are confident that you will find Salmon Blend a top-producing part of your scent program. 

Addicted Blend Now Available | View our Fishing Videos 

pro cure salmon blendAddicted Steelhead & Salmon Blends

Pro-Cure scent options, designed to maximize odds of steelhead & salmon success. 

Caught all your fish and ready to fillet? These tips will help your fillet technique.

Pro-Cure Addicted Blend is available through many fishing tackle departments and also online.

“Steelhead Blend is most effective on fresh arriving steelhead. Best used as fish are still in their migration towards their spawning grounds.”  Cameron Black | Fishing Guide and Addicted Scent Co-Founder

“Scents for salmon & steelhead are extremely important on many river systems. Yes you can catch fish without scent, but I always go back to the 5% rule… If something I add to my arsenal is going to help me catch 5% more fish… Im doing it!” – Marlin Lefever | Fishing Addicts NW and Addicted scent co-founder

“I used the salmon blend gel on wobblers during the season. I should say one out of the three wobblers. Now, I know it works because I catch a fish in one column of water then I take that wobbler off and replace it with a different one, down lower. Caught a fish there too! Other wobblers just as they were, no bites in said column. Moral of this story, they follow the scent. It’s proven and made me a believer. Thanks for such an awesome product.” – Michael Yeats


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  1. Kevin Vivian

    November 23, 2016 at 5:49 pm

    Now, if we could get an independent study done on this stuff, I have caught fish with it, but I have caught more with other scents, or none at all

    • The Addicts

      November 30, 2016 at 5:50 pm

      It’s a tool of the trade, sometimes it will work, sometimes it wont. No scent is the magic potion but some of them definitely have their time and place! We designed the Addicted Scents for just that purpose.

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