Bobbers Drain! Oregon Chinook Fishing

Bobbers Drain! Oregon Chinook Fishing

By on October 23, 2014

Watch as floats drain for Oregon Coastal chinook!

Chinook fishing in smaller rivers and streams can be a very exciting experience. In this video the Addicts take their floats, jigs and baits to the Oregon Coast. Watch as they catch chinook (king) salmon using float (bobber) fishing techniques. This video takes place on a few rivers throughout the Oregon Coast.

When fall arrives and the rain comes up, tributaries throughout Northern California, Oregon, Washington, Alaska and Canada fill with salmon. Coho, Chinook, Sockeye, Pinks on odd years and Chum salmon are spread throughout rivers. We go fish for them! Please subscribe to our Youtube Channel!

This video features music from Jed and Lucas and is edited by Rob Mcilroy.

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