Choosing Salmon Flashers For Murky Water

Choosing Flashers for Low-Visibility Conditions

By on May 19, 2014

Salmon flashers come in a wide variety of colors, shapes and finishes. Shortbus flashers offers many types designed for the varying conditions we experience in the Pacific Northwest.

Salmon fishing with bait and flashers can be really productive. Take full advantage of the color spectrum with flashers that incorporate UV to capture the attention of the fish. Low-visibility water requires flashers that can make a good impression.

In this tutorial, JT from Shortbus Flashers speaks about colors and how low-visibility conditions require the right kind of flash. Simpler, low flash colors may disappear too quickly. JT gives a few options.

We fish flashers often with prawn spinners or herring for Spring Chinook and Fall Chinook. Coho also react strongly to flasher and bait. We typically fish Columbia River and tributaries.

Watch the companion to this video – Clear Water…

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