Fall Chinook Fishing In the Columbia River

Columbia River Fall Chinook

By on May 19, 2014

Columbia River Fall Chinook!

Fishing Addicts Northwest had a fun fall chinook season anchor fishing with wobblers on the Columbia River. The 2013 fall Chinook run was one of the biggest the Columbia had seen in years…and as the counts at Bonneville Dam climbed, we took the boat out and dropped Wobblers down to the bottom and waited for the mighty takedowns that Columbia River Fall Chinook are capable of.
We got to take a few friends out who were able to hook their first Salmon and even got Joel from http://www.joelsjigs.com out on the boat with us. Kimber Roberts the only female ADDICT, is featured in the video putting the hurt down on a beautiful chrome nook!
Join the Addicts in their quest for big Chinook in the Southwest Washington region of the Columbia River. Later in the season we traveled to Oregon, The Coast and other areas of Washington. August is Wobbler time though in the mighty Columbia! Upriver brights & Lamiglas bending fights!
Music produced, written and performed by Lucas Holmgren. Song title – “Mock Up”

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