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Easy Egg Loop Trick

By on December 23, 2014

Keeping salmon eggs (roe) on the hook can be a little tricky. Eggs can be sloppy and tend to fall out of the egg loop if not prepared correctly. In this tutorial video, Cameron shows us how he adds an extra twist in his egg loop to keep his salmon eggs fishing longer. Take your egg loop loose end, pull it out and pinch. Then, add another twist and pull it around a different part of the egg. This will create a harness for your egg presentation to sit in. Check out the video for an example:

Salmon eggs (or steelhead eggs) is an exceptional bait when fishing for salmon, steelhead and trout. It works fantastic in combination with other baits like sand shrimp, tuna, prawn and other baits. Chinook and coho are often fished for with roe and steelhead love a nice neat egg presentation.

This egg loop trick is especially beneficial¬†when bobber-fishing or side-drifting eggs where frequent casting happens. Using this salmon egg loop trick, you can keep your eggs on the hook longer and therefore…catch more fish!

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