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Columbia River GorgeThe Columbia River Gorge is a canyon of the Columbia River in the Pacific Northwest in the United States. Up to 4,000 feet deep, the canyon stretches for over 80 miles (130 km) as the river winds westward through the Cascade Range forming the boundary between the State of Washington to the north and Oregon to the south. Extending roughly from the confluence of the Columbia with the Deschutes River down to eastern reaches of the Portland metropolitan area, the gorge furnishes the only navigable route through the Cascades and the only water connection between the Columbia River Plateau and the Pacific Ocean.

The gorge holds federally protected status as a National Scenic Area called the Columbia Gorge National Scenic Area and is managed by the Columbia River Gorge Commission and the US Forest Service. The gorge is a popular recreational destination.

The Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area  provides an endless number of fishing opportunities for the experienced and beginning angler. Beautiful rivers and streams, high elevation lakes, reservoirs, and small ponds offer just about every setting one could ask for to relax and fish, or just enjoy the magnificent scenery

Looking to go fishing in the Columbia River Gorge? The gorge of the Columbia River has some of the best fishing oppurtunites available in the pacific northwest! We have a great guide we reccomend if your looking to book that special trip.

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