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Fishing For The Youth

The Next Generation Of Kids Fishing

chrome summer steelheadKeep The Kids Involved

Kids enjoy feeling included – what better way to instill responsibility and love for the outdoors in your children than fishing! Depending on their age, give them small things for which they are responsible, such as ensuring that everyone has a personal floatation device, or teaching them to coil a line. This can go far in helping their sense of responsibility and encourage them to be pro-active.

Make Sure The Kids Stay Busy

Kids like to stay active, make sure you have things for them to do the entire time you are fishing. Let them cast, let them bait the hook, teach them about fish. Bring other activities for them to do while your out fishing, if you see them losing interest, give them other things to do so they associate going fishing with being something fun to do!

Teach Lifetime Skills

Being on the water provides an excellent opportunity to teach kids about their environment, boating, fishing and safety skills. Try to incorporate these teachings into fun activities and gradually introduce your kids to new things as they are ready. For example, you might want to create a game that teaches them things about fishing, like how to tell what the species is, what certain things on the boat are called, etc. Once your kids master terms of fishing, help them learn how to safely drive the boat or cast a fishing line. Boating and fishing provide learning that lasts a lifetime!

Include The Whole Family

Use this time as family trips and create lasting memories. Plan picnics on the boat or let your kids find a new creek or lake to go and explore. The sense of adventure allows valuable family time together. You can let your kids invite a friends along for the fun!

Don’t Buy Cheap Kids Fishing Gear

An ultra-light spinning or casting rod and reel is a lot better than those cheap kids fishing poles. Cheap poles and reels can actually be  more difficult and make your kids think of fishing in a negative manner.

Start Out With Easy To Catch Species

Kids want to have fun & see lots of fish catching action. Starting with fish like bass, bluegill, trout, catfish, perch & more will allow them to enjoy fishing at a laid back pace and they’ll love it! Grab a picture of them with their catch so they can have that memory forever!

Use Small Hooks

Avoid large hooks as most panfish and trout are not only a lot easier to hook with smaller hooks but these fish tend to be a little skittish so the smaller hooks will help with fish hook up ratios.

Most of the time, a subtle presentation is needed. Tiny hooks also allow small fish to eat the entire bait, and not nibble on the hook. If a fish swallows the hook cut the line as close to the hook as possible and release the fish. The hook will rust out in 5-7 days and in most cases the fish will be fine.

Lighter Line = More Fish

Light line is a better way to go for wary panfish. 6 pound test is usually a good bet. If you’re targeting monster trout, salmon or steelhead, you might want to bump it up! take a kid fishing

Don’t Use GIANT Bobbers.

Bobbers (or floats) are used to suspend your bait in the water and alert you when to set the hooks. The harder the bobber is to pullunder, the harder it will be to hook a fish. Small floats will help convince the fish to take your tasty bait and run. “Slip” bobbers workwell for kids. Slip bobber rigs cut down on the amount of line needed at the end of the rod and are easier to cast. Small ice fishing bobbers can provide a light touch any time of year.

Fish Off The Bottom

Sinkers help get your bait to the fish. Ideally, you want your bobber to just barely float onthe top of the water. Put split shot sinkers onto your line one at a time until your bobber nearly sinks from the weight. Since there is very little resistance when the fish takes the bait, it is more likely to bite the bait and run.

Don’t Use Giant Clumps Of Worms

There’s no need to use the entire box of night crawlers on your hook. Keep the bait about the size of your hook. Live bait such as worms, meal worms, or crickets work best. Cut the bait to fit your hook, or if targeting big fish use one whole night crawler.

Cheer ON!

Encourage your kids to enjoy fishing ethics, rules, & responsibility to the outdoors. It will teach them lessons about life you may have never thought of and keep them looking forward to more fishing!

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