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Steelhead Float Fishing Tutorial Videos

By on March 31, 2016

Float fishing for STEELHEAD is an addictive technique that requires constant attention to the float (bobber) and pays off when your float disappears below the surface. Pull back and feel the first few headshakes from a hot steelhead…you’ll be hooked on fishing floats for steelhead. Whether you’re fishing jigs, bait, worms, beads or otherwise below a float, these tutorial videos will help you get equipped to go out and float fish for steelhead.

Let’s start with the sliding float! Good for mid-to-big water and allows for easier mending and great cast ability.

Here is a video on rigging up a fixed float, an excellent low-water technique.

Here is a great trick for making sure Thill floats stay on:

Selecting the perfect float rod:

Float fishing worms (and drift fishing worms!)

A little jig technique

4 ways to rig a bead

Keep salmon eggs on the hook easier

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