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Herring on Anchor – Chinook Salmon Technique Explained

By on April 13, 2017

Anchor fishing for spring, summer and fall chinook salmon is a tried and true way to target moving chinook. Boats all over drop anchor and prepare their presentations hoping for migratory salmon. Anchor fishing for salmon often involves plugs like the Killerfish or Kwikfish. Other times anglers will use wobblers or spin-glo and bait.

One highly effective technique that is not always utilized is the popular trolling bait – herring. While this is most used while trolling for salmon, it’s also very effective as an anchor technique. It involves a flotation device to keep the herring off of the bottom.

When you anchor with herring you have the opportunity to let your herring stay in one specific spot. Scent can be applied for additional scent trail. We use the Simon Wobbler Floats to keep our bait in the strike zone.

Watch the video below where Cameron explains how to rig up for this technique.

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