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Late Fall & Early Winter Kokanee Fishing

By on December 6, 2016

The advent of late fall and winter often brings some excellent kokanee prospects on lakes in Washington. Yale, Stevens, Chelan and many other areas offer the opportunity to get into kokanee on a consistent basis. Watch as Cameron from Gone Catchin’ fishes November kokanee in Washington state.

kokanee harvestWhen kokanee are near the surface it can be advantageous to top-line baits/lures with no weight or downriggers. A mixture of downriggers and top-lines often results in accurate dialing-in of key fish depths. This optimization of your kokanee program allows  for a precise knowledge of which part of the water collumn is producing best. 

Consistent measuring of various factors from clarity, temperature, speed, direction – all will have a positive result on your catch rate. 

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