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Marlin’s Largemouth Bass Primer

By on May 31, 2017

Marlin Lefever shares his most consistent tactics for catching bass.

Spring, Summer, Fall…largemouth bass act different during different seasons and stages of the spawn. Some baits do produce consistently over others during the many seasons. 

The first we will discuss is a well-loved favorite that is effective almost anywhere. It works well for encouraging bass that aren’t as aggressive to bite – yet it produces savages takes from aggressive fish too. Weedless senkos.

Though weedless plastics are one of the top producers throughout the season, they are not the only answer.

Jigs are a classic and powerful tool for covering water and depths. They have a quick fall that bass grab at. You can slow them down, speed them up or let them sit. In this video Marlin talks about how he adds trailers to his jigs. This allows you to choose contrasting colors and the movement of the tails on your jigs. We tend to use 3/8 and 1/2 oz jigs the most, but many other sizes work well.

The video below showcases a few of the techniques outlined above with additional information on targeting pre-spawn bass. In the pre-spawn it can be a tricky time to chase bass…but it also produces big fish. We enjoy chasing these fish at this time for that reason. Marlin discusses spinnerbaits, jigs and plastics.

These videos are a great starting point to learn about bass fishing, especially in the Northwest areas such as Oregon, Idaho and Washington. 

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