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One of the Top Freshwater Bait Rigs EVER!

By on November 26, 2016

If you fish lakes, ponds or even for surf perch, you should be using this rig! Built to present two baits at once “The Crappie Rig” is an expert way to do that, with minimal snagging. 

In the video below, you’ll see the basics of the “Crappie Rig.” These can be purchased easily online. The setup consists of a top swivel that features two wire separators or “spreader-bars” that are mounted vertically on the line with leaders coming off horizontally. These are positioned so they don’t tangle much. At the bottom snap swivel you can easily attach a fishing weight.

The “Crappie Rig” works in a number of situations. It’s excellent for casting out into a lake for trout as you can put multiple bait presentations on the same line. If you run powerbait on the top and worms on the bottom you get a good chance at a multitude of lake species like crappie, trout and perch. 

Out in the surf or off of the jetty, you can catch surf perch. Just use a little more weight and a heavier rod to cast far. For freshwater lake fishing you can fish the crappie rig with less weight and light rods. 

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