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Hawken Fishing

Hawken Fishing began in 1996 when founder, David Hawken, began selling flies to local mom and pop sport shops when fishing his local rivers. From that, the Aerojig was created and millions have probed the waters of North America, Asia, and Europe. Over the course of 15 years, Aerojig has incorporated Woolly Bugger Jigs, Sy’s Jigs & Flies, Beau Mac Jigs, Simon Wobblers, Trout Traps and Crappie Traps, Fire Flies, Aero-Floats, and more to create what is now Hawken Fishing.

Hawken Fishing, strives to create excellent fishing tackle at an affordable price. We understand that fishing for some people is more than just a hobby. It’s a passion. That’s why we’re Dead Serious about our fishing tackle and why we stand by Hawken Fishing

Check out some coho fishing with Aero Twitching Jigs below!

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