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Okuma Fishing USA

Okuma Fishing USA is known for it’s excellent products that match our techniques and fisheries very well. We recommend their products for both bank and boat angling.

Okuma spans a wide range of fisheries, covering salmon, steelhead, walleye, bass, musky and beyond.

okuma fishingWe’ve long used Okuma’s reels such as the Low-Profile Coldwater and Helios for both spinning and bait-casting applications. 

Whether you’re fishing from the bank, trolling from a boat or anchoring, Okuma’s rods and reels are a top choice based on quality within an affordable price range.

High Performance Fishing Gear

Fighting gear makes fishing trips difficult and frustrating. We enjoy the dependability and performance of Okuma’s fishing products so that we can have more time on the water successfully fishing.

We believe that the Low-Profile Okuma Coldwater is one of the best boat reels for salmon, steelhead and kokanee fishing. The line-counter options make precise adjustment of plugs, super-baits and kokanee spinners very attainable.

Check out Okuma’s products on their website.