P-Line - Fishing Addicts Northwest


P-Line is a brand focused on providing not only high-quality line, but other terminal tackle products. From spoons, to kokanee jigs to incredible Flourocarbons, P-Line spans the range needed for top-end tackle.

We use a lot of the products but the one P-Line product that is constantly employed is their Flourocarbon line. Products like the Tactical Flouro and SS Flouro offer unique strength with near invisibility.

While fishing for trophy fish, we must be careful to avoid over-visible lines while still maintaining the strength needed to move big fish. We often opt for 15, 17 or 20lb Flourocarbon when fishing for trophy steelhead, and similar lines for bass. Salmon fishing we’ll bump it up to 25, 30 and 40.

P-Line offers an excellent spoon for swinging through classic steelhead, coho and chinook water. The spoons remain in the same width and length but change in thickness when sizes are adjusted. The finishes are based on tried and true spoon colors.

We would recommend P-Line products for their commitment to quality tackle.

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