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The Quickest Way to Fillet a Kokanee

By on April 17, 2017

Fillet a kokanee QUICK with this short tutorial video. In this video Marlin shows how he fillets kokanee. When you get back to the dock after a long day of fishing, you want to make sure you save as much time as possible during fillets – especially if you landed a lot of fish! Kokanee are typically on the smaller side but some can get larger – this technique works very well for getting the best possible kokanee fillets in the shortest amount of time.

Remember to use a sharp blade and use caution when filleting. The sharper the knife, the easier and better the fillet job will be. Keep only quality kokanee – kokanee that are red and near spawn stage do not make for good meals. Chrome kokanee that are in feeding stage are the best type to keep.

We fish kokanee in Washington and Oregon, but they can be found all over the United States. 

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