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How to Rig a Pink Worm

By on July 15, 2014

-Rigging Steelhead Worms For Bobber & Jig Fishing-

Pink Worms have burst onto the Northwest Steelhead fishing scene with a vengeance. They are effective in many different water situations and entice aggressive strikes from big Steelhead. Fishing Addicts Northwest uses pink worms in many river systems all over the Northwest. We’ve also found them to be very effective on big rainbow trout and a few other species.

This is a “How-to” tutorial video about rigging plastic Steelhead worms on a jig-head. For reference, our standard jig-head size is 1/8 ounce, though you can experiment with different weights, sizes and colors. How you rig your pink worm will determine how it reacts in the water.

This type of rigging is ideally fished under a float (bobber.) The best place for this lure to sit in the water column is about 1 foot off of the river bottom. Pink worms can also be drift-fished and we’ve even caught Coho Salmon using a pink worm as a “spinner-trailer!” Their versatility continues to prove itself.

Mad River Manufacturing is making some fantastic worms. They’ve got a great selection of sizes & colors and feature a deadly “Anise” scent that Steelhead are drawn to. Check out their selection here –

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