Salmon FIshing Tutorial - Flasher & Prawn Spinner

Salmon Fishing Tutorial | Flasher & Prawn Spinner Rigging

By on July 16, 2014

Columbia River Spring Chinook tutorial. This short “how-to” displays how to set up flasher and weight for Columbia River springers.

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Cameron Black of Gone Catchin’ Guide Service ( displays how he sets up flashers and weight droppers while fishing the Columbia River for Springers. A sliding lead line is displayed in combination with a bead-chain and Shortbus Flasher setup.

Fishing Addicts Northwest uses Shortbus Flashers for Columbia River & Ocean fishing for Coho & Chinook Salmon. This setup and rig can also be used while trolling or “mooching” herring.

Watch for more videos in this series about how to rig up prawn spinners, plug-cut herring, Kwikfish & more!

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