Summer Steelhead Fishing in Washington - Small Rivers

Summer Steelhead Fishing in Washington

By on September 17, 2014

Summer Steelhead Fishing is some of the most exciting, action packed fishing the northwest has to offer. The guys from Fishing Addicts Northwest and a few of their friends travel around Washington & Oregon in search of summer steelhead. Using various techniques including: Float Fishing, Spoon Fishing, Spinner Fishing, Drift Fishing, & More! Tributaries of the Columbia river, Oregon coastal rivers, and some Washington coast rivers.

Summer Steelhead are a unique target to fish for. They migrate out to the ocean and return to spawn in our rivers and streams. They are impressive acrobats and speedy when hooked. We fished everywhere from coastal rivers, to Eastern Washington & Oregon tributaries.

Edited by Rob Mclroy

Music by: Nick Perri & SINAI

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    February 4, 2017 at 6:14 pm

    Great video, great music, I’m pumped…I’m a member of CCA, TWIN HARBORS ASSN, FRIENDS OF THE COWLITZ, GAME WARDENS ASSN, ..I hope we can reverse the sellout of our resources to the Indians and commercial Killnetters…

    Wrap up a Killnetter in his own net, dump him in the Water for half an hour, then release him to see if he survives…If he does, He’s a WITCH..KILL HIM..!!!!!!!!!!

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