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Walleye Jig Fishing Techniques in Cold Water & Conditions

By on January 8, 2017

Walleye Jig Fishing Techniques in Cold Water & Conditions

TJ Hester of www.hesterssportfishing.com fishes Walleye year round on the Columbia River. He fishes for Columbia River Walleye using trolling, jig and blade-bait techniques. His techniques are built on walleye techniques that are common the mid-west and even international Zander (Walleye) fisheries.

This video shows the finesse ideas behind jigging walleye in deep cold water during the winter. This can be a very effective time to target both feeder and trophy walleye. Using different variables like line angle, working with current and feeling for a light bite. It all plays into successful Walleye jigging.

The temperature of this day was well under freezing (10F) and there was ice on the guides, but we happened into plenty of Walleye and later some steelhead.

Fishing Addicts NW as a whole is a fan of jig fishing in a number of capacities – whether it be under a float for steelhead, twitching jigs for coho, jigging largemouth or Columbia Smallmouth or vertical jigging for walleye – it’s enjoyable to use jigs and very effective.

Finding the Bottom w/ Your Jig

Believe it or not, it can be difficult to know exactly when your jig hits bottom if you’re fishing somewhat lighter jigs deep. This little technique in the video below can help you visually recognize when the connection with the bottom happens.

Jigging walleye is very effective in a number of conditions. Following some of these tutorial tips will help you recognize patterns and effectively hook walleye.

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