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Wrapping Salmon Plugs with Coonshrimp or Prawn

By on April 5, 2017

We highly recommend wrapping salmon plugs with bait to add the extra edge on triggering a bite. The action of the plug must still be tuned properly while being wrapped with bait. By using the proper baits and wrapping the plug in the right way, you can maintain an excellent plug action plus leave a scent trail that will lure salmon right to your plug.

Sardine and tuna are popular wraps – we often use quality cured coon-shrimp (Washington Coon Shrimp is our personal choice.) Also of note – this is not only productive on fresh Chinook but also extremely effective on Steelhead.

The Brad’s Killerfish is a top-producing salmon plug that flat out puts fish in the boat. Watch our other video on how to tune Killerfish. After you’ve wrapped and tuned your plug – find a traffic lane that salmon travel in. Use a rod with a responsive and readable tip, not too stiff so that the plug is allowed to work.

For more salmon and steelhead plug fishing knowledge – listen to our Podcast.

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